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Now, thanks to the internet you have more and substantially less costly opportunities to start earning money from home, by doing online marketing. I will certainly discuss a couple of business concepts that any individual might start, but before let me inform you why is this so crucial.

Beginning with the point that every small business or just a somebody who is innovative in some method should have own online presence in the form of Marketing blog, where he or she will be marketing their products, services and skills. Having own site that talks about and reveals exactly what you do and what you are good at.

Big problem for numerous company starters is, that they do not have enough of money to the start. It could be quiet expensive, if your company isn’t already running and bringing in ROI.

Well, it could be problem for someone, but not for a smart guy :-). Its not any secret nowadays, that you can simply create your own self hosted blog or website with management included. People most of the time imagine hundreds of lines of the code and forget the idea of learning it. Of course, I would too. However, there’s the very simple option for this, its called WordPress.

WordPress is a building platform where you can manage anything withing your website and don’t have to know coding and that kind of staff. Everything is extremely easy and clear, just discover the steps that you’ll follow and discover on your way. Expert multi-million dollar web sites are developed on WordPress. From the start it might seem a lot, however its not really. Once you start its easy to follow. I’m not going to describe the entire process, I will simply point you where you can quickly learn the stuff step by step following instructions to avoid of any mistakes.

And what is the very best of it, its all FREE!

That kind of information, that people sometimes charge outrageous money for. And sometimes the info you getdefinition of blog isn’t even much accurate. From training for absolute newbies to sophisticated SEO ninja techniques to dominate top online search engine organic searches.

Another thing is that when you start your blog, you can not be ashamed to share it with everyone around you, your family, pals, close friends of friends etc. This is very important because many people that I taught blogging were afraid to show and share their blog site with the close people around them, and they wanted to stay anonymous to those who know them. Well, there is nothing wrong with being anonymous blog writer, but its much harder to grow your audience and let the people who come to your blog to trust you.

Preserving the blog or site also features a couple of technical skills that you will need to learn. Which’s what I’m going to discuss later. When you learn those technical things, which is not that hard, it just ends up being an everyday routine for you.

Now, I would like to give a few points why is blogging among the best home based business opportunity or work from home opportunity for everyone, even for those with very restricted spending plan to begin. The fact is that you don’t require to invest a lot of money to start. You will need to get hosting account where you gon na host your domain, which is normally around $5 – $20 per month, which is not lot.

There is a domain name which you need to select and purchase. This will cost you about $15 per year depends what tld (top-level-domain) you choose (. com,. net,. org …).

And for the start that’s all what you need.

How Can Blogging Actually Help Your Business

benefits of blogging and marketing

As a response if blogging can help your company is certainly Yes. According to the most recent research, over 75 % of the companies announced that they are using or used business blogging, which it is their leading marketing technique. Over a half stated that blogging is really effective approach.

Obviously we are talking about the continuous blogging on routine basis, and offering an outstanding material for your visitors or readers to make this marketing technique efficient. Also, the companies that are publishing their post two times or 3 times per month, have much greater presence and gain 75 % more consumers, leads, on average.

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SEO Ireland Expert Shows Marketing Strategy for 2016

SEO is a really broad and big subject on the internet. Everybody who possess some sort of site, blog or any internet asset, is implementing some type of SEO strategy to rank the website, either excellent or bad.

And if you are not making use of SEO, your internet site is probably dug someplace really deep in the Google online search engine. On the other hand if you make use of the bad SEO techniques nowadays, its even worse than if you didn’t do anything at all. Give me a second and I tell you why is that.

Now, I will certainly be talking mostly about the Google because the Google is the biggest significant online search engine on the internet that is covering over 70 % of international internet searches. Meanings that 3/4 of the world population utilizes Google for search questions. (simply if you didn’t understand).

SEO Products and Services – Don’t Buy Every Shiny Thing You See

The SEO consists of two main groups, if you will, which is “On Page SEO and Off Page SEO”. These are two separated sectors. If you can master both of them with an excellence, you are the winner. However in these days just a couple of individuals know ways to do it correctly, and the majority of them would not inform you their precise strategy, even if they are offering courses, guides and tutorials about SEO, due to the fact that its their secret weapon and they believe that they would loose it.

So essentially they sell you an automobile without the keys. I simply wanted to point this out because, seriously there is many marketing professionals, and i believe its absolute bulk of them, who are bombarding people with emails selling complete crap, or simply some so called cool software application that will certainly bring you a lots of traffic with hardly any work done on your behalf.

And this is not true.

These marketers extremely often claim the results that they personally don’t have in order to sell you something, and sometimes they are so desperate and broke so they are just emailing one offer up on another and hope that you will finally purchase something. Believe me, I’ve been there and after the several years I’m still getting some of these emails even if I unsubscribed from all the individuals’s lists years ago.

how to avoid of bad businesses

It just confuses you, waste your time and money, and in some cases it even might have a negative impact on your SEO campaign. (for example: massive and aggressive linking software to bad quality sites or sites in penalty). And this one of the reasons why I never ever make use of or really hardly ever, anyone’s network of web sites, often called PBNs (personal blog networks), for back-links to my money sites. If I utilize someone’s network, its usually somebody I know and trust.

Negative SEO campaign could put your site in penalty and sometimes, depended on the type and level of penalty, its much easier to get the new website than repair the one which has been hit. I know you came here to learn SEO and not to read about how much of crap is out there, but you will certainly thank me once that I saved you from a lot of struggles that I went through in the past. I don’t say that I hate marketers, I just don’t like the ones that lie to me in order to get a few bucks.

I such as individuals that are being truthful and completely transparent with me. And there are still marketers and bloggers like that. Ok, enough of negativeness and lets get some genuine value for you.

Correct SEO Strategy

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cost effective seo techniques with p1 rankme
As I said there is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. On Page SEO is everything within the website and the content on your web site. So your articles, videos, pictures and settings of your website for optimal power. Essentially everything what you do inside your WordPress dashboard, if we talk about the WordPress.
Off Page SEO is everything else, such as linking structure to your site. Everything that is done outside your website.

There is most likely more significant factors that you must bare in mind. So you can take it the way that the less you do the better. But it wouldn’t be fully true. Its more like more natural you are, the better. On one hand its good that by doing this Google got rid of bad or poor content sites, but on the other made it much harder for SEOers and marketers to rank their sites.

Now it takes far more time to rank for more competitive keywords, depends upon the niche. Particularly if your web site is young and have no history and authority. And to build your site’s authority takes time and certain method. Backlinking still works, but you need your links to be originating from authority web sites or blogs. So the solution for this would be is guest posting. But it would cost you a lot to obtain a good back links from authority websites and it still not truly efficient.

When you publish the post on the blog, you have an effective back links since its on the web page. However after some period of time your post will go to archive, depends on the settings of the blog. Your backlink will loose its power, the power of home page.

So the best solution and having an absolute control over your backlinks is to build your own private blog network, also called PBN. This is really the most comprehensive solution, but again, it takes time and patience.
And to develop these PBNs properly by being natural isn’t the most affordable. But better view to the future. Obviously, more websites you have the more time and money you will spend. Because these will be your precious sites from where you gain the most powerful link juice, so they must look great with a great content and again, NATURAL.

Like its real site and not just for backlinking purposes.

Google is smart and they are really going after these sites and deindexing them and putting to the penalty. I came across people having actually deindexed the majority of their PBN sites, specially WordPress sites. And its not fun.


start home business in 2015

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Why to Blog

How To Start Blogging From The Scratch

Why is Blog and Blogging Important for Your Business

Blogging is among the online activity that is becoming a growing number of popular activities on the internet in between all sorts of age. No matter if you are 12, 30, 50 or 80 years old, the blogging is for everybody. People write blog sites about their pastimes, for instance fishing blog sites, blogs about art, DIY blog sites, travel blogs etc. or this business blog sites.

Why to Blog

When talking about this business blog site, it means that the person have some sort of company currently running, whether it’s online or offline. To grow higher income and start broadening your business you need to put up your business online, using a big variety of blog consulting services and web developers who know exactly what to do in order to grow higher revenue through the online presence.  However there’s not many web developing and blog consulting services that would suit everyone’s budget, especially the budget of business starters or the people just looking for some extra income.

When I Started Blogging

When I started blogging about 5 years ago, I learned everything the hard way and from the point “zero”, which means that I didn’t have a budget norcan't get a job the technical knowledge or the idea what’s blogging all about whats’o’ever.  The main reason why I started blogging, and a couple of years later the web developing, SEO and consulting, was because just at the beginning of recession I lost my job and I didn’t have any other income, nor the backup plan, and this seemed to me as great idea and opportunity with just a little financial investment.

Although, I wasn’t quiet aware of how much I will have to learn before I can even begin blogging. I don’t want anyone drive away from this, its just that there’s so much of details about blogging, SEO and how to become an authority in online marketing world, and just the fraction of the all details is solid and actually helpful.

And frankly, I went through a lot!

With numerous months of struggle and persistence, I finally learned to do the things correctly and create a decent residual income for myself. I understood that with such an understanding of SEO and of other things that I have learned, there is a chance to help the other individuals and enable them to accomplish their outcomes and get closer to the success that almost everybody wants.

Efficient and Easiest Way to Start a Blog

The best way of how to start and not ruin yourself financially, is to get low cost hosting for lets say $5/month and domain name somewhere from $2 – $15 dollars per year, depending what tld extension you got and where you buy and register your domain.

Me myself, I highly recommend buying the domains at, as they are one of the biggest domain name registrar on the internet, and they always got some good deal that you could make a use of.

But as a hosting provider for my domains I use other

blog site getting in touch with services or simply the details about how to do blogging correctly, go to and be our guest.

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